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We are Midwestern wedding photographers and videographers.

At Vincent Gene, our number one goal is to tell your story through unique cinematic experiences.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches or one-size-fits-all solutions.

Whether it be planning your once-in-a-lifetime wedding or promotional work for your business, we’ll work with you every step of the way.


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Who We Are



Owner & Director of Photography

Vince founded Vincent Gene in 2013 upon receiving a grant from the U.S. State Department to document environmental issues in Southeast Asia. Soon after, his brief stint with photography was forged into a deep passion. In 2015 he launched, and developed his talents in lighting and the wedding industry. His lesser known talents include playing the ukulele and being an excellent cook. 


Director of Videography

Ben is a native of Sioux Center, IA, whose previous exploits have included metal fabrication and 3-D modeling. Since 2015, he has transitioned his creative skill set into the world of digital production and has been crafting wedding films since then. As the Director of Videography at Vincent Gene, Ben strives to deliver end results that go above and beyond what our clients’ could have ever dreamed of. His lesser known talents include an inhuman tolerance for hot sauce and crushing it at Super Smash Bros. 



Tony is a graduate of the University of South Dakota, where he majored in Media & Communications. A regular stand-out at USD’s sports games with the broadcast camera and equally at home in the editing bay, he brings his expertise in ensuring that operations at Vincent Gene run smoothly. His broad skill-set can be applied towards both photography and videography, and he is truly the pinch-hitter of the team. Outside of work, Tony maintains an impressive plush sushi collection and moonlights as an underrated bartender. 

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